Thursday, May 29, 2014


"No! Put that back right this second!"
"But mom it's mine I found it."
"Amethyst Rose Adler, put it back now. We don't have time for this. We were supposed to be at the museum to meet your father twenty minutes ago." "Fine," Amethyst walked back down the trail and knelt down to put the oddly fluorescent headdress back but instead of putting it on the ground, she put it in her backpack. She swiftly ran back up the hill and was greeted by her smiling mother. A short time there after they arrived at the museum and entered. "Where have you been? I've been waiting here for nearly half an hour."
"I'm sorry Robert. Somebody wouldn't put down this headdress thing they found in the woods today," Marceline said as she rolled her eyes towards Amethyst. "It's fine I just wish I knew you two were going to be running late so I didn't have to leave work so early."
"Can we see the reptiles first, Mommy?"
"We'll get there honey just be patient. We have all afternoon to see the museum." First they went to the American History part of the museum. (IN PROGRESS)


"Oh... Hey."
"Hey.. Is something wrong?"
"What the hell are you doing?" "..." "Wait, why are there cuts on your arm?!
He looked down. He saw the sleeve of his long sleeve shirt rolled up to his elbow. Below his hand he saw cuts, five of them that he had never seen before. The lights in the room grew more brilliant and scintillating and he began to feel weightless, as if gravity had given up on him. He fell to the floor and was motionless. She cried out and fell next to him in despair. She did not know what to do so she wept until someone, anyone came, but no one did. Many questions and thoughts raced through her head as she lie there nearly sleeping.

Monday, May 19, 2014

164 Barred's Way

He stands there waiting,  waiting for his train. His senses then begin to heighten. Every foreign noise whether internal or external permitting from inside him. The ever changing wind that passes by him switches from cold to hot then back again. The dull colors become vibrant, every variation of color becoming noticeable. His thoughts are clouded, it's his train. His vision becoming distorted,  images becoming bent. Bent by him. "I wonder if it will be like everyone says" he whispers to himself. "What if it's worse?" he utters. "What if it's better? If there's a possibility of it being worse than it can also be better." As the cool breeze hits his face, a sudden sense of euphoria lays itself upon him. With a brief look of relief on his face he began to get nervous about what was to come. Compared to the things he did before, this should be a calm-walk. He can see the smoke of the train in the distance and the closer it got, the more nervous he became. He glanced down "164 Barred's Way" was engraved into his forearm. He nodded and looked back up, the train roaring even closer now. "I hope she knows where to look," he says to himself as he stares down the oncoming train. With the nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach growing he stuck out his left arm and waited. Before he knew it the train had come and all nervousness and feeling had been lost. He was free.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mars One Expedition - Launch date, 7-8-18

Approximately two weeks after the crash...
She put a finger to his lips, "stop" she said. "We shouldn't."
"No! You're crazy."
Her once well nourished body is now a decrepit bag of bones.
As she staggers through the stream of blood, corpses lie in her wake. Nearly falling as she kneels down, she picks up the arm of her now deceased captain.
"Do you promise you won't mind?" she whispers as she slowly lifts the rotting limb to her mouth.
"Okay, but remember, this was your idea."
She opens her mouth and the flesh connects with her teeth.
Without hesitation she takes a chunk out of the limb as if it were at apple.
The smell putrid, the texture coriceous, the taste outré.
She starts chewing like she's never chewed before until she gets to the bone.
She whispers, "thank you" and waits for a response.
There is nothing.